MORTALITY: Joy in Ordinary Things


Right in the middle of an otherwise normal day are the magic moments.
They are magic because they are unexpected.

These moments are the essence of Mortality.


This photograph of Maya and her Grandpa turned into one of our most treasured family watercolors. Maya’s mother hangs it in her living room. I love the contrast between the powerful horses and the wisp-of-a-girl. I love how carefully the horses take the carrots from her little hands.  I love Grandpa’s patience on display which is an attribute from which we all benefit. I love how attentively he watches her little fingers so that they don’t get near big teeth.

I love the light.



The simple moments in life are the most compelling. 



Social scientists may still be trying to prove
what mothers and grandmothers already know:
Children cannot bite into an Oreo cookie.
They have to unscrew the pieces and eat the frosting first. 



In this life, children need time to think.

They do not care what “time” a grown-up thinks it is.
Children do not like to be rushed.



This life is rich with colors and flavors.
A simple smoothie from Grandma’s blender can make thinking more pleasant.
That’s what I am told.



( Another pleasant day in Mortality)




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