MORTALITY: Oli’s Morning Visit

I have come to realize that any moment can be magic.

Oli is a horse-lover. She has a wonderful collection already but I cannot pass by horses like these when I find them in the thrift store . . . especially a big Clydesdale in perfect condition for only $1.

Now, I could just give the horses to her when she comes to visit this morning, OR I can have some fun with her and hope that when she is grown she will remember the time when she came to the door of Grandma’s house and saw four friends waiting for her.

You should have seen her face.

Grandpa plants carrots for two reasons.

Horses and kids.

This morning it’s horses.

Oli has learned that the horse’s eyes are on the sides of his head. She knows that if she stands right in front of him he can’t see her as well as when she stands to the side.

The small, brown horse was rescued. He used to be matted and skinny and afraid. But, not anymore. He knows that if he puts his head down low, through the bars of the fence, he is likely to get something good to eat.

He is not much taller than Oli.

Oli has known this little horse and its white friend every since they came to the neighborhood. She loves his soft, velvet nose and he loves to be petted.

The little white horse is still shy and cautious. He and Oli are the same height. This is the first time he has let her pet him. He even ate a piece of an apple right out of her hand.

She talks very softly to this little horse.

These are the moments that make up a blessed life. They don’t last long or cost anything. They are joyful and full. They have to do with little people and animals and at the end of the adventure. . . the discovery of a very loose tooth.



” The morning has gold in its mouth.”

-Benjamin Franklin-



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