Pumpkins: Paint or Carve ?


journal entry:


We took pumpkins with us when we went for a visit. And paints. And glitter spray. And glow-in-the-dark paint. Mom had painting shirts handy and dad set up a table in the driveway. I poured the paint onto paper plates and stood back.

Some children hurry when they paint and some never quite finish the first job. This pumpkin lover mixed his colors together and got the most beautiful shade of pink which he used to cover every square inch on his pumpkin. In layers. About ten. Who said pumpkins have to be orange?  Not me and certainly not children !

He wasn’t just sloshing the paint around. He was considering his next move. Making designs. Oooohing and aahhhhing as he painted merrily along. I thought we should sing Ten Little Pumpkins Sitting on the Fence but people were just too busy. One little pumpkin lover said that she just had to think. That was the only way she could paint her pumpkin.


Is painting pumpkins more fun than carving pumpkins?  I have always wondered.



So. It seems that painting is fun and carving is fun. Both are fun. Both are messy. Messy things are usually fun.


Yes. I have lost my mind. I shared my glitter on purpose.

Yes. It is all over the house. In my hair. On my face.

“You look sparkly, Grandma.”  “Yes. I certainly do.”






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