Photo Stories: Making Book Covers

I love making little books and have for as long as I can remember.

All it takes is a small adventure, any kind of camera and some people. It helps if there is action of some kind but even without it, you can tell a teeny tiny story about almost anything.

I have given most of my collection of teeny tiny tales to the people who star in the stories but I can still remember and re-tell many of the tales by searching through memories I have kept.

I will never forget the tiny tale about little Clara in the park on the morning her sister was born. It centered around a container of Pink Play-doh. which I had tucked into the back of her stroller. Clara was barely two.

Once you have some photos for your little story, you can use a few or many. I like to use a few. I like to call these little books Tiny Tales. Children love tiny tales. I try to draw them into the story by choosing a cover photo which offers clues to the story.

I am surprised how many times a little child says “I don’t remember this”. I thought little children, like elephants, remembered everything.

Little books prove to people that we know what we are talking about and that we were there when they were growing up.  

You can embellish the Tiny Tale Book Cover Photo or not but it is nice to at least put a title on the page.

Just be certain that when you tell your tale you include names, dates and places. You remember now, but you won’t in years to come. I know you think that you will, but trust me . . . brain files get pushed to the back or labeled in a perfectly logical way that is anything but logical when you try to find them !

Photos like this one make great Tiny Tales Book Covers.

Although I have identified the “feet” I am hoping that those who are attached to the feet will be interested in what else happened that day. So, while you are sneaking around snapping people for your tiny tale, snap a few photos like this one so that you can make an interesting beginning and a memorable end to your story.

Sometimes it is silly to take photos of “things” unless they are special or part of the story.

Years from now, we will not care much about “things” but about faces and  stories. In the case of a Peach Harvest, these peaches will make a great cover for a Tiny Tale. I will add some words and choose my favorite storytelling photos from the day.

Grandpa loves his peaches and everyone else loves to take them home. As time passes he will treasure the tiny tale and the cover will help everyone taste the peaches !

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