Pillowcases to Dream On

Do you know the BFG?

He is a Big Friendly Giant who goes about gathering dreams. Just as soon as a head hits the pillow, he is there with his dream catcher, hiding like a shadow by the streetlights in his magnificent cloak. Do you know why he is such a successful dream catcher? Because so many children sleep on soft pillowcases which their grandmothers made for them. He hardly has to wait at all for their dreams to begin.




There are so many ways to make pillowcases. I chose the easiest way for these Christmas pillowcases. Each is made from one yard of flannel. Each has a six inch hem with all seams finished.



The flannel aisles are always crowded when there is a sale. It is interesting to note that as I wiggle my way through the crowd and talk with other women who are filling their carts, most of their activity is of a humanitarian or charitable nature. One is making receiving blankets for the shelter, another small quilts for the same place while many are like me. They are making either pillowcases or quilts for their children or grandchildren.


It is hard to believe that these prints are flannel. Flannel used to be quite bland. There were always plain pastels to choose from and an occasional subdued print but today’s flannel competes with cotton and that is progress if you sew.


While I love ALL of the prints and patterns, my favorite is the orange with alligators. I actually went back to get an additional yard but it was gone.



“Sweet Dreams.”



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