Pincushions With Personality


We have entered an era when things that were once practical and necessary are simply fun. Pincushions. Pincushions are in that category. Not that women don’t use them because they do but instead of a simple red apple with a stem and a leaf or something resembling a tomato, people have filled the Internet and magazines with “pincushions with personality.”

I have become enamored with what I have seen.

I have made various pincushions in the past but never any like these and I can tell you that they were REALLY fun and creative.



I made my patterns as I sewed merrily along so I don’t have patterns to share with anyone. I took my time so that each one would be different and exactly the way I pictured it in my mind.

All of the pincushions are filled with poly pellets which I had on hand from the days when they were $2.99 a bag instead of $6.99 a bag.  Rice would have worked just as well.



Flowers and Bees.  Summer things. This little pincushion was quick and fun to make. After all, what is a flower without a bee ?


Finally, the bunting. I love buntings. Hanging from porches and sewn on quilts. This sweet bunting pattern was perfect for a little pincushion. I decided to make a small replica of a hanging bunting using chipboard flags and embroidery floss to finish it off.


So. I would have to say that this has been a pincushion week for me.

I am going to “nest” them together on my sewing table.

{Or, maybe I’ll give one or two as gifts !}

“Stitch your stress away.”

-Author Unknown-





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