Pumpkins Are Ready


The Pumpkins Are Ready !

 At our house that means many things.

Sharp tools. Grandpa’s gloves.

Stacking and sorting. Jumping over. Laying on. Choosing. 

Lining up. Re-arranging.

Counting and counting again.





Pumpkins are best harvested by children.

They see magic in every single shape, color and stem.

Pumpkins can’t hide from children’

even when their leaves are still big.

Children actually fall in love with certain pumpkins.





Sometimes children load up the wagon

and sometimes they carry the pumpkins on their heads.

Or in their arms. Or in the wheelbarrow,

all the while reminding each other “this one is mine”.



Children love to paint pumpkins with a bucket of water.

Little children don’t even care that it isn’t real paint.

When children are tired of harvesting pumpkins

they can catch bugs.

Bugs are slow right now because it is getting cooler.

Grandma always has a jar.

“The most ordinary things are often the most magical.

We would miss them the most if they went away.”








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