Quilting a Million Giraffes



journal entry:

I dreamed about giraffes for weeks.

They multiplied before my eyes.

Every time I finished one, another appeared.

That is how it seemed to me.

Grandpa often asked if I was still working on the giraffes.

Yes. Yes, I am.

It was the most wonderful, whimsical fabric I had ever seen at Broadbents’ Quilting Store.

The minute I saw it I imagined what it would look like if I outlined the animals in gold thread

and gave them puffy, poofy little bellies.



Each giraffe is outlined with gold thread.

Each belly is filled with a puffy poofy little piece of poly-fill. (say that fast)

When I finished the giraffes, I was going to give each of them a shiny bead for an eye

but I couldn’t quite bring myself to count the eyes.

So. I didn’t.





I quilted the giraffes without the backing but with the batting.

I attached the back to the front by tying in between the giraffes with gold crochet thread.

I bound the quilt by hand using a blind stitch.

I cannot work on something like this without thinking of my ancestors.

Their completely handmade quilts on fabric from the loom, dyed with colors they had to make.

What would they think of my entirely impractical, frivolous giraffes?

A little girl I know is going to find this in her Christmas box.

I am betting that it won’t seem impractical or frivolous to her.

These giraffes will have to fly on an airplane to get to her.

Wheeeee !





“The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it.”

– William James-

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