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I am about five years behind all of the creative people who have long posted their ideas on the Internet along with wonderful and helpful tutorials.  In fact, I can easily go into creativity overload when rummaging around for ideas.  I don’t necessarily try everything I like but in this case I did.  This is a ribbon necklace.  It is very “shabby chic” which is a word I actually know.  In fact I have actually known about “shabby chic” for a long time.  I once bought a book by Rachel Ashwell before she was very well known.  In that regard, I am eligible to make shabby chic things.  I have learned that shabby chic is more than scraping paint off of a new chair to make it look old.

I used nylon thread (which I use for everything I sew by hand)  to gather a little bit of ribbon, followed by a pearl bead.  I did it over and over.  I chose ribbon which was gold on one side and black on the other.  I used different sizes and colors of pearl-like beads.  When I had the ribbon part the length I wanted it I added a little, brown flower with little green leaves which I had made out of ribbon also.  I used wide brown ribbon to finish the necklace by tying the ends about the pearls to the ends of the wide ribbon which ended in a bow.  Then I used my nylon thread and sewed the ribbons to each other underneath for extra strength.



I made a larger flower out of ribbon and sewed it by hand to the spot where the ribbon from the pearls and the ribbon for the neck meet.   Thank you to whomever first came up with this idea.  It is a really feminine necklace and was SO fun to make.  It only took an hour.


“Jewelry takes people’s minds off of your wrinkles.”

-Sonja Henie-


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