Finger Towel Toddler Bib

“You too, my mother, read my rhymes for love of unforgotten times,

And you may chance to hear once more, the little feet along the floor.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson-

journal entry:

It is true.  When I make things for my grandchildren I think about my  own children when they were the same ages. I do miss their little squishy bodies and the  innocence and love in their eyes.  Not that they don’t show love in their eyes today.  They do.  But innocence is a difficult thing to hold on to.  Life is for gaining experience and to do that . . . some innocence must go. I do not think that I will ever quit longing for a glimpse into the past.  Just a quick chance to see five little people running around and climbing all over their father.  How joyful it was.  Yet, it is  wonderful today to watch what once were  our little ones with little ones of their own.  This was an easy bib.  The little hand towel was already scalloped and edged with bias tape.  I simple cut a hole for the neck and a slit from the hole to the end-bottom of the towel.  I bound the cut edge with bias tape the same color as was on the towel already.  I added velcro squares to the back behind the neck and completed the bib by sewing on a handmade fabric label.   Easy, happy bibs !

“The more he looked inside, the more Piglet wasn’t there.”


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