Gypsy Skirts for Little Girls

“I feel pretty . . . oh, so pretty.

I feel pretty and witty and gay !”

-Maria from West Side Story-

journal entry:
When I was growing up, the rule was to NEVER mix two prints together.  If you wore a print skirt, you wore a plain blouse.  Isn’t it more fun to mix prints together?  YES.  That’s what is so fun about making “gypsy skirts”.  All of these companion prints came from the quilt shop.  There were even more prints that were part of this family.  I wanted Lydia and Clara to have similar but not the same skirts.  So, I made a few variations.  I simply cut loads of 4 inch strips and started to sew.  One skirt ends with rick rack on the bottom and one with a panel of polka dots.  Each has a personalized label which is brown and says “Little Things Matter” followed by my name.  Because these are cotton they wash and wash and wash.  They were SO easy and the little granddaughters who received them wore them and wore them.  I liked the little tag at the top which said “It’s A Girl Thing !”  Thank heaven I didn’t have just grandsons.  They would be getting pretty funny stuff !

“All grandmothers like letters.

Even if they just consist of a squiggle

and a dirty finger mark.”

“Author Unknown”

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