Fancy Rubber Gloves

“You’re in pretty good shape

. . . for the shape you are in !”

-Dr. Suess-
journal entry:
I have never been one to wear rubber gloves.  I wear garden gloves and winter gloves.  Grandpa wears gloves without fingers and work gloves.  There are women who wear rubber gloves when they do anything . . . because they have beautiful fingernails and snow white hands.  I have had neither for any length of time.  I have never been quite sure how they pick up things or how they don’t get sweaty.  Even though the television tells me that I can have beautiful hands by washing dishes in dish soap which is like moisturizer from India . . . I haven’t bought it.  But it hasn’t been enough to get me to wear rubber gloves.  But, that is just me.  For those who love to wear rubber gloves . . . why not wear them in style?  These gloves were the simple $2 variety.  I gathered three inch strips of cloth which I gathered to fit the opening.  I sewed the ruffle onto the gloves which was quite easy for my sewing machine.  When I need a quick gift for the woman who has everything . . . or thinks she does . . . I pop a pair of these gloves into a cellophane bag and tie it with a ribbon.  Done !

“Never think that you’ve seen

the last of anything.”

-Eudora Welty_

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