Sewing Table Make-Over


All I had to do was drive around the corner. That is where I found it. Rather, “them”. Four chairs and a table sitting on the lawn with a little white sign. “$35 or best offer”.

I saw the potential immediately, pulled into the driveway and knocked on the door. I paid my money and returned later with Grandpa and his larger vehicle to cart my new treasures home.

Grandpa thought I had lost my mind.

“It’s my new sewing table. It will be perfect !”

He couldn’t see it and admitted it but I could. As with all painting jobs, all I had to do was say that I was thinking of painting something and he would jump in FAST and offer to do it for me. That tells you how well I paint.

I went to the store and chose the paint. I even loved the name of the paint. Hosta . . . like the plant. Perfect. I wanted a vintage look when all was said and done. I said “trust me” a million times as Grandpa sanded and repaired wobbly legs and finally painted the table and its four chairs.

I already had a large piece of fabric which had come from the bolt-ends store which my mind said would be perfect to cover the seats of the chairs. The fabric had a truly vintage look and was covered with wonderful birds.



Well. As is always true when it comes to projects, Grandpa did a PERFECT job and did so quickly. We covered the seats on the kitchen counter and carried the table and chairs down the stairs and into its place in my craft/hobby/sewing/scrapbooking room. We put in the leaf. The long table was so much better than the old desk I had been using for a sewing table. The fabric matched perfectly with the “Hosta” green and the black in the background of the seat covers looked great with my black computer desk and hutch.

I WAS IN HEAVEN for $35 plus some paint and a $6 piece of fabric !


I bought the storage cubes with small openings at Target. They are just perfect for my fabric scraps. I bought two which nest onto each other and fit perfectly at the end of the table.  (Yes. Grandpa had to put them together) Keeping fabric scraps in view has been a real help as I have been working on some little quilts for Christmas. Fabric scraps can be a real challenge.



“There is something comforting about personal space.

Even if it is only a corner or a box or a closet.

Personal space is like a sanctuary. A retreat. A place to think and create and collect.

It is almost impossible to find much personal space when your family is young.

Then it just might be that a mother’s only personal space is in her purse.”

(As long as there isn’t any money in it)






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