Small Worlds Sensory Bins

(Family Gathering Activity Preview)

Some things can be overdone but I am here to say that I have “bought in” to the whole idea of sensory stuff. I have watched upset children calm down when their little fingers came in contact with something soft, squishy, bumpy, warm or textured.

I was actually very relaxed myself by the time I put everything together.

I expect that after hours of sun and water and picnic food and shaved ice, there will be moments when all grown-ups will be begging for a small helping of peace and quiet.

So. Our grandchildren will have the creative fun of making sensory bowls

turn into little worlds.

These are oil-changing bowls from the dollar store. There are several different themes to the bowls such as construction, fairies, jungle animals, reptiles and boats.

The fillers are varied and include beans, pasta, rocks, shredded paper,

elastics, marbles and more.

I finally found a use for squishy, pink curlers and some old moss.

The goal is to make a self-contained, magical place with what you have been given

in your bowl.

And, just in case the large bowl is overwhelming for the very little ones,

they can choose a mini-version in a plastic box with an easy closing lid.

This one is my favorite. It contains beans and elastics

and a background made from paper.

( Check back in July to see what the grandchildren did with their bowls.)


  1. Lydia Watrous

    This is one of my favorite things! I am way excited to do one. I can’t believe we will see you guys so soon! George is with me right now, and he loves them to. I showed all the things we are going to do to George and Henry, and they are both excited.

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