Stinky Bulbs and Rosemary

I think that Paper Whites are wonderful during the Christmas season.

Grandpa started calling them “stinky bulbs” years ago

and so my children call them by the same name.

He says that he is just teasing, but I’m not so sure.

When they all see that I have planted some, they express their sympathies to their father who has to live in the house with the horrible smell.

I think that they smell heavenly,

especially next to some overwhelming fresh Rosemary.

Who needs a candle to fill the house with fragrance ?


Every December, Grandpa and I make a trip to a wonderful nursery that stays open all- year-round. We walk around and touch all of the plants and breathe in the humid air and savor every strange smell. We came home with Chocolate Basil, Coconut Sage, lots of little ivy plants and Peppermint Oregano.

Nobody seems to mind these smells.

(Do I smell a rat?)

Bring a clothespin for your nose if you to come to my house during December if you are squeamish about exotic smells because I just don’t want to hear about it.

 I am in Heaven.

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