Summer Puppets: Big Red Alligator

Dear Grandchildren:

Thinking twice is always a good thing when you are around big, red, alligators. This one has been very nice to me. She even let me dress her in a sweater and fix her funny, greenish hair into curls. She is as long as the playroom table and she never closes her eyes.

What is her story ?

Where did she come from?

Is she the only red alligator in the world?

She has four feet but she wears boots on only two. I heard that she found them by the road and really struggled to put them on her back feet. In fact, she couldn’t do it. Along came a little boy on his scooter who stopped and helped her out. After that, she would not take them off. I guess she uses her front feet to walk and her back feet to march with.

Do you believe that story?

Do you think her boots came from somewhere else?

She looks quiet nice.

Is she?

I have sown two stockings on her tummy. They are long and thin. You will be able to put both of your arms into them and help the long, red alligator to walk along the ground or climb a tree or ride a bike. Well, maybe not ride a bike. She is very long with a HUGE, strong tail. I am told that she can knock down a tree with her tail. Do you think that is true?

You had better start thinking about the story of the BIG RED ALLIGATOR.

This summer, we will all gather to hear her story in a puppet show.


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