Summer Puppets: Fashionista Dinosaur

Hey, Grandchildren:

I have had my “thinking cap” on for quite some time now. If I start early, I can usually come up with something fun for you to do at our Summer Gathering. I don’t think I will tell you everything I have been thinking about but I will tell you about the puppets.

That is because YOU will need your “Thinking Caps”

in order to make up some puppet plays.

Over the next few weeks, I will send along photographs of some very interesting and unusual puppet-friends so that you can be thinking about their stories and adventures. Today I have sent the three largest puppets, each in a different post titled Summer Puppets. All of the puppets have been thrifted and washed in the washer. Then, either gloves or long stockings have been sewn onto their backs or tummies so that you can slip your hand or arms into them to move them around and give them life. The really big puppets needed two stockings so that you can put both of your arms in them and move their whole bodies.

This beauty had an unusual pom pom head.  Someone said she just had a PERM. Ask your mother what that means. She is very soft with wonderful teeth and feet with toenails. The best part about her is that she is very interested in fashion and so she wears the most heavenly, fluffy jacket and carries an embroidered handbag which were both thrifted. Actually, she will wear just about anything that is fancy or furry.

She doesn’t have a name

and she hasn’t had anything to say.


I guess you will have to find out who she is

and where she came from.

Meanwhile, I’ll feed her.


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