Summer Puppets Medium Size




This post contains the last group of puppets for our Summer Gathering.

There are many puppets in this batch and they are medium to small in size.

There is a Moose whose friend is a Walrus.

and a Walrus with tusks just like the Mammoth

and a Beaver who wants to get back into the water

and finish building her dam

and a silly Duck with fur instead of feathers

and a crooked smile.

This looks like a very interesting group of animals to me.

 Does the Walrus tickle his friends with his tusks?

Does the Beaver think the duck is his pillow?


Oh, my.

What is happening here?

How can that little Lion sleep while that blue Dragon is making so much noise?

Do you think the Dragon is trying to scare away the little black Bat?

Do Dragons eat Bats?

Do Bats eat Lions ?

Do Bats and Dragons have the same kind of wings?

The little Bat looks harmless enough.

She can barely see in the bright light.

She didn’t say a word when I brought her home from the thrift store.

I thought I heard her giggling when I fluffed her in the dryer.

Do you want to slip her on your hand and make her fly around?

There is a glove on her back if you do.

Still, the little Lion keeps on sleeping.

What is that all about ?

And finally,

A fully sized Pony. Wow !

Slip your hand in the opening under her belly and help her trot away.

Maybe she likes to swim around on the Octopus’ back?

Ohhhhh . . . I don’t know about that.

The fluffy blue Whale has a long stocking sewn on her belly.

Slip your arm into the stocking and

she will swim away.


(Grandpa’s making it)



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