The Princess and the Bag of Frozen Peas


The Princess and the Bag of Frozen Peas


I found this wonderful contemporary version of the Princess and the Pea in a children’s book. I thought it was hilarious because the prince finds his princess FINALLY by giving her a bag of frozen peas to help rid her of a headache. Having used an ice pack myself for many, many years to deal with headaches, I imagine that this Princess was grateful for such a thoughtful Prince and snatched him right up !



Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I am glad that most of my gifts are made or purchased. Two little granddaughters, Afton and Lydia will each receive a copy of The Princess and the Bag of Frozen Peas along with ten” fancy shmancy” mattresses, a little Princess with a contemporary look, a HUGE fancy pea, a bag of frozen peas ( actually little felt peas which I made by hand ), a teeny tiny quilt from “Princess” fabric and a little headband with a crown on it.

Oh, how I love Christmas.

I bought 1/3 yard of each fancy fabric and from that cut I made two mattresses. I used bits and pieces of fringe and lace which I had on hand and filled the mattresses with  quilt batting. I stacked them up over and over to see how little hands might handle them and sighed a sigh when they were finished.

I want to be four again. Or six. Four or six years old.

The mattresses are fancy, bright, shiny. slippery and cheery !



Here is a look at the book which I ordered through Here is a look at the little Princess, who looks quite petite on top of such fancy, puffy mattresses.

See the bag of frozen peas on the right?

And, because the story starts with the traditional “PEA”, I made the pea big and shiny. (Styrofoam ball covered with wide wired rosette ribbon)



Look at this wonderful “Princess” fabric. It came from a nearby quilt shop. I used embroidery floss to embellish the finished quilts which turned out to be about 30×30 inches when finished. I made two.



Afton and Lydia have to wait for Christmas to find their Princess and the Frozen Peas surprise.

Don’t Tell !





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