The Recital

Today she is taller and her violin is larger.
Her arms are stronger and her fingers are tougher.
Her proud teacher says that her wrists are positioned beautifully.
Today she is dressed modestly and looks wonderful.
Her long hair shines and reaches almost to her waist.
She is thinking about what she needs to do.

Time was when her violin was quite small
and she was just a little thing herself.
She scratched along the strings and dreaded the practice.
Today, she feels pride and satisfaction in her efforts and
the music flows beautifully.
Today she played seventeen short songs.
They were all memorized and accompanied
on her great grandmother’s piano.
She played through the numbers without stopping

Forty minutes.

With a quiet bow and a slight smile,
she finished the test and qualified to  move to
the next level in her training.
It was obvious to all who were there that she was relieved and proud.
She was poised and prepared.

When she grows up, she will thank her parents
for this opportunity to learn.
She will know how blessed she has been
to have instruction from a good and patient teacher
and how important music has become in her life.

Sweet Afton.

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