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If you don’t have a wonderful husband, you should get one.

My kind of hobby requires an accomplice.

That accomplice has to have a sander, a saw, lots of paint brushes and a knowledge of bolts, nails, screws and tools. My accomplice has all of those things and more. Best of all, he has a good-nature and just smiles when I drag things home or when I mention that after dinner “if you don’t have anything else to do, we might stop by Deseret Industries and pick up a “little table” I stumbled upon.”

Notice how I use the word “stumbled” as if I had no intention of buying anything in the first place but after it appeared in my path there was not doubt in my mind that it was meant for me.

I know that everyone wonders if I know how to do anything at all. I mean anything that has to do with a saw or a paint brush. The answer is yes. I can do many things if I have to but my wonderful husband and accomplice knows that his painting and my painting are worlds apart. His painting is even and precise and leaves little mess. Let’s just say that my painting is different than his and so I choose his whenever I can and so does he.


Do I feel guilty about having such a demanding hobby? Nope and nope. My hobby is “quite” inexpensive, creative and full of the unexpected. The eclectic gypsy in me is very happy with things that don’t match and the end results  are cozy and cheap.

Cheap is good.


Here’s a little helpful hint:

If you like to thrift, and you get tired of the way things look in your little universe, and you like to change things often and you don’t want to spend very much money, do what I do.

I make sure that my furniture, art, etc. is interchangeable.

This table is today in our small parlor. It is also compatible with our family room, our bedroom, and basement rooms. Being able to change things around makes for endless decorating possibilities. 

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