This From That: Skirt to Bag



Bag Lady

Every woman I know has worried about being one.

If I was one,

 I would love to have a bag like this.


This is one of my favorite Bag Lady bags. Bag Lady isn’t any kind of registered trademark. It is just the phrase I used to make a variety of labels which could be sewn onto drawstring bags I wanted to make out of other things. This From That.

I prefer contrast. I was immediately drawn to this skirt from Deseret Industries because of its colors, textures and boldness. But, it was the hem that sold me. The bottom of the little skirt. I could see that if I turned the skirt upside down, I could use the velvet and ruffle found at the bottom of the skirt to embellish the top of a bag. Since the skirt was a small, peg-type skirt, I was able to get only two bags out of the skirt.




The hem of the skirt had a un-gathered ring of pink velvet. Underneath the velvet was a green ruffle. I added a casing behind the velvet where I threaded ribbon which became the draw-strings. I threaded the ribbon through a wooden flower which was easy to push up and push down along the ribbon to open and close the bag.



Michael’s Crafts closed out little packages of wooden shapes. There were birds, butterflies, flowers and hearts. Some were plain, some pale pink and some pale blue. Some had holes in the middle and some did not. The wood was very soft and my puncher punched right through to make a small hole. I punched again a few times to enlarge the hole so that the draw-string ribbon would pull through. The flower you see in the previous photo has been prepared in that way.

People love to sort and group and collect. Bags carry things and store them away and help a person drag them around. Funky bags are more fun than plain bags just like an asiago cheese bagel is better than a plain bagel. You can store more than one bagel in your Bag Lady bag.







“Set all things in their own peculiar place,

and know that order is the greatest grace.”




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