This From That: Tables and Paint


A well-placed mirror makes a room look bigger.

 A thrifted mirror in good condition is even better.


A thrifted pedestal table can be cut down to make a wonderful coffee table.

If Grandpa doesn’t live at your house, I don’t know what to tell you.


New wheels, bronzed with a distressed look can add so much

and make a table easy to move.


Behr Satin Paint with Primer is my favorite.

One quart equals three coats with paint left over.

This table is the same color as the mantel.



Ahhhh. Finished.

And, as an afterthought . . .



This table is also a thrifted “find”.

Rather than its original natural finish, it is now

Dark Forest Green using Behr Satin Paint with Primer.

Three coats with paint left over.





” Every house where love abides 

and friendship is a guest,

is surely home,

and home, sweet home;

for there the heart can rest.”

-Henry Van Dyke-



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