Photography Favorites: Holden


journal entry:


Oh, how I wish that I had been able to have a camera like I do today when my children were small. Think of all the faces and stages and special moments I could have recorded.  This is a wonderful time in which to live, especially with a nice camera in tow everywhere I go.  Amazing how a camera can actually capture a BIG personality. This child has one.  In fact, it is HUGE.  Smiles and dimples and mischief and lots of affection.  Tons of hugs and “can-I-help-yous?”  Lots of ideas and spiritual insights right out of the blue.  Empathy.  Gratitude.  Friends wherever he goes.  He always reminds me that when I am old he will take care of me.  I tell him that I am so glad to know that.  That I will appreciate it.  I say it with a kind smile.

Family History happens “in the now”.  Everything that happens today in a family needs to be cemented in time. Photographs help.  The written word helps too. Photographs like this one are how Holden’s great- great- grandchildren will know about him.


“How else would they know where their dimples came from?”








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