Tiny Valentines’ Day Quilt

You would think that from the way I prowl the quilting stores that I was a quilter.  I am not.  Not a real quilter.  I am a “tie-the-quilt” quilter but not without a desire to make something worth keeping.  That is why I made this little Valentines’ Day quilt.  This quilt says that I love you enough to put together 16 squares for 24 x 24 inches of beautiful fabric and to throw in a gathered ruffle.  That’s love.

  • Four six-inch squares of four different fabrics:   red chenille, cream chenille, cream plain, white with flowers
  • Cream fabric for the backing and ruffle
  • Very lightweight batting
  • Cream-colored embroidery floss { to tie the place where the squares come together }
  • Pearl beads { about the size of peas }
  • Tiny silver brads  { hearts and diamonds }
  • One iron-on heart if you want one

The two colors of chenille cross each other.  Four squares of red diagonally and four squares of cream diagonally the other way.  The same thing happens with the white and the cream fabric.  For a non-quilter, I feel just fine about it.  In fact I feel really fine about it because it is lovely.  If I was a little girl, I would want my grandmother to give this little quilt to me for Valentines’ Day.

{ p.s.  The wonderful chenille fabric comes from The Quilt Cottage in American Fork, Utah.

It comes in red, cream, brown and pale yellow.

You have to save up for it.

I buy pieces a third of a yard at a time so that I don’t feel guilty about it.

The “quilt lady” at the store says that it comes with only six yards to a roll,

complete with the pencil lines used to create the pattern. }


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