Two More Christmas Treasures

“Oh . . . for the good-old-days when people would stop Christmas shopping

when they ran out of money.”

-Author Unknown-

journal entry:

These are two old Christmas friends.  They sit under the Christmas Tree.  Above is a sweet and very detailed gnome made by Nettie.  I bought her at a boutique over twenty years ago.  I am told that each gnome Nettie makes is unique.  This sweet girl has beautiful handmade clothes including a sweater with a furry collar.  When I bought her, I had to choose from among many of her friends.  I wanted to bring home every one of them.  But, too expensive.  I had to settle for one.  So I did.

This Raggedy Ann is made entirely out of wool felt.  Her clothes are made of wool felt, too.  She is taller than her little gnome friend but they like to sit next to each other so that they can talk and whisper when we are asleep.  Christmas keepsakes are like old friends.  Down the road, I’ll bet that some granddaughters I know will love to add a few of these familiar things to their own Christmas decorating when they have homes of their own.  Maybe.  Maybe not. Maybe the treasures I have gathered will seem old-fashioned or dated to a younger generation. Maybe they already do. Okay, then . . . I’ll enjoy them for now . . . all through the house !

“There is nothing sadder than to wake on Christmas morning and NOT be a child.”

-Erma Bombeck-

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