Unnecessary Plastic Items


When I was younger I used to enjoy the folk songs of Nancy Griffith. She had an odd little voice but somehow she pulled it off. I certainly never made a record. (For those under 30 a record has music on it. You need a record player with a diamond needle to hear the music)  One particular song was about

“going to the store to buy unnecessary plastic items”.

Every time I do that (buy unnecessary plastic items)

I thank Ms. Griffith for reminding me how much fun it is.


I am a slow poke when it comes to gluing things together to make tiered dishes. My daughter did it years ago and I decided to give it a try. I mostly wanted to make something bright and cheery in which to serve crackers, dip and fruit. The woman behind me in line asked me what I was planning to do with my “unnecessary plastic items” and when I showed her, she got out of line and went to find some just like mine. 

I called the photograph above the “four dollar combination”

because each piece was a dollar and the pieces

can be glued together with super glue in various ways.


For this one I used three of the four pieces. I turned the bowl upside down and glued the flower-shaped tray to it. Then I glued the clear bowl to the tray. I plopped in the green spoon because I had it nearby. This should make people happy no matter what they eat for lunch.

You could almost eat the colors. 




Here is another combination of four “unnecessary plastic items”.  Tray on the bottom, bowl in middle, goblet glued to the bowl and clear bowl glued to the cup.

If your question is “why can’t I just stack them up without gluing them together?” My answer to you is go ahead and try. They just don’t hold still. I had the same thought . . . for a very brief moment. I do think the food would be on the table or on the ground ( for the dog) in nothing flat. I’m not going to test it.

I believe in super glue.

Bright and cheery, fun and cheap.


p.s.   Sorry, Dan. I’ve done it again.

These unnecessary plastic items came from the dollar store.

I always think of you when I am shopping there.

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