Pin Cushions in Old Spoons


journal entry:

Silver spoons.  Perfect for tiny, delicate pin cushions. These spoons came from the second-hand store and were one dollar each.  Each one is different. I covered a small Styrofoam ball with wired rosette ribbon and attached the ball to the spoon with glue dots. In this case I tied a soft, pink ribbon around the cushion and topped it with some regal-looking pins.




I was careful to find spoons with designs on the handles.  Each design was different and each spoon was a different shape.  Some were little soup spoons and some were serving spoons.  I found the shape of the spoon to be very important when it came to how the pin cushion sat on the table when it was finished.




This pin cushion was made using a round soup spoon with a long, curved handle. Special handmade pins and a little pair of scissors make this a personal little gift for someone who loves to sew.



I still have a handful of spoons and scraps of ribbon and tons of different sized pins and little embellishments.  I am far from finished making these tiny tokens of a time gone by, when women loved their “personal” pin cushions.

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