We Were Superheroes

In 2017 an amazing story unfolded.

It was filled with mystery and tension.

It had everything you could every want in a story including aliens and exploding bats.

The heroes and heroines had familiar faces

and an arsenal of special powers and immense reserves of courage and ingenuity.

  It would have been terrible for the story to sit on a shelf somewhere

just gathering dust and long forgotten

for years and years

without someone remembering it and passing it around.


Here is the amazing story.

It will be on Grandma’s table with all of the “remember” books

prepared for the Annual Watrous Family Gathering in 2021.

Have a seat and be ready to

cover your eyes and scream “oh, no” out loud.

( Below  is a picture of the first page.

It is the only one I am going to show you.

YOU are probably on several pages,

(although you are probably in disguise,)

thinking up clever ways to Save the Universe with your cousins.

You are all so very, very SMART !)



You can’t outrun these problems
and they are so loud that you can hear them even with your head phones in.


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