Who Do You Think You Are ?


I know that “Who Do You Think You Are?” is a television program about ancestry. In fact, I think that it is wonderful. I’ll bet you that when you ask children that same question they will have many different answers. If they are playing this new game I made for Andrew, Owen and George . . . they can be just about anything. Animal, that is.

Supplies for this game were:

  • Cookie sheets from the dollar store
  • Printable Ink-jet magnet sheets for the pictures
  • Masks from either Michael’s Crafts or Oriental Trading Company
  • Small magnets
  • Superglue
  • Sealer

This is what I did:

  • Cropped the pictures so that the faces took up almost the whole sheet
  • Printed the pictures out on magnet sheets
  • Cut the rubber bands off of the masks
  • Used super glue to glue magnets to the back of each mask
  • Sprayed everything with a layer of sealer
  • Put each picture on a cookie sheet
I don’t know !
 Who are these funny creatures?
Lift the mask and see.
So. In the mail they go.
The message is that Grandma is thinking about you even when you are far away.
{ Meow, Ruff, Growl, Roar }
(And don’t forget to look in the bottom of the box.  There is an” adventure” book !)

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