Why I Thrift

( Especially for my Granddaughters )

I have never discovered a single thing that could qualify for Antiques Roadshow but I have stumbled across a multitude of interesting things at bargain prices. It has been about ten years since I started prowling thrift stores in earnest and I still spend each Tuesday morning snooping around. This post is about thrifting nice clothes. I am going to use three examples out of zillions I could have chosen. Let’s start with my favorite recent find.


I prefer Savers to all other local thrift stores.

For some reason the quality of the contributed items is nicer than what is available in other local stores.

I prowl each Tuesday morning because Seniors are given a 30% discount off of anything they buy.

I noticed this jacket immediately sort-of-sticking-out of the aisle with denims and the only reason that I came home

with it was because on this particular morning I was inside when the store opened at 9 a.m.

That is one of the keys to finding the most unusual things.

They are snatched up quickly. 

I would have bought the jacket whether it had fit me or not because it was so wonderful.

Luckily it does fit and I have been wearing it. That is because it was marked at $6.99 before the discount was applied.

The longish-shirt has an H&M label and is in perfect condition. I will just pop it into the wash.

It was marked $2.99 before the discount and is wonderfully loose with long sleeves. I love the fabrics used by H&M.

I have long collected thrifted jewelry of all types but especially love chunky stuff in faded silver.

I put three necklaces over the hanger just to show you how fun this jewelry can look with denim. 


 Above is a close-up of one of the appliques. 

I love hummingbirds and so this was a welcome decoration.

The jacket is covered with flowers and birds . . . front, back and on the sleeves.  

I especially love the colors included in each applique.


When I think I have a treasure,

I use the Internet when I get home to see what it might have cost originally and who made it.

  Some people cut the tags out of clothing when they get home because they are so scratchy.

I have done that many times myself.

I have found, however, that the nicer the piece of clothing,

the more likely it is that it will have an intact tag which only matters if you are interested in quality

or in learning about the treasure you have found.



I was able to find the brand of the jacket and also learned that it and other jackets

like it were currently for sale on the website beginning at $70.00.



The second jacket I thrifted recently was also very unusual

although I don’t see myself wearing it.

It has its label intact and appears to be brand new. 

The label meant nothing to me initially but later when I researched it

I was astounded by what I learned about clothing with the “i magnin” label. 

Below is the jacket with the label and thrift store price before the discount attached.

(front and back)



What a terrific patriotic jacket !

It almost makes me want to ride on the back of a motorcycle with Grandpa.

Thankfully for our safety he doesn’t have a motorcycle anymore. 

The bead work is incredible. You can see that I paid $8.99 minus 30%.

My research after-the-fact taught me that eBay is packed with i magnin clothing for sale.

Most of it probably came from sample sales or department-store close-outs years ago.

This label was sold in the snazziest of New York stores and even simple shirts had hefty price tags.

I won’t tell you much more about the brand but if I wanted to sell it, which I do not,

it would bring a minimum of $150. but most likely quite a bit more.

Some people thrift for the purpose of re-selling. I do not. I simply love to collect odd and interesting things

because I have found that people get tired of things pretty quickly. . . even very nice things.

Our culture is quite prosperous and so people give clothes away before they are worn out.

Before I buy something new I check Savers first.


Let’s close this post with a conservative little number for people my age. 


Both the sweater and the shirt have H&M labels.

I bought both this Spring because this is the time when people unload clothing in Fall colors.

  This shirt is like the one under the first jacket and was only $2.99 before the discount.

The sweater was marked $3.99.

I added a couple of nice necklaces to the mix the choice of which in real life will depend on your mood.

Scarves at Savers are usually priced between $1.99 and $2.99 before any discount.

Here’s a closer look at the jewelry which also came from the thrift store:


If you are a person who is pinching pennies then thrifting is for you

If you are a senior over 55 then Tuesday is the 30% discount day.

If you aren’t a senior, but are just a granddaughter without much money, you can make a donation of something used, big or small and receive a 20%-off coupon.

Since 20 is almost 30 I still take the discount and run if I am shopping on a day other than Tuesday. 


(Saying hello to you in a Jones of New York top, delicate thrifted earrings and a wonderful, thrifted necklace)



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