Winter Wonderland for Little Fingers


It can be a Winter Wonderland right inside of a little box.
This is a little tin. It has a clear see-through lid.
I sprayed the inside with pretend snow and let it dry.
Then, I put little, tiny, peel-off-adhesive magnets on the bottoms of the trees
and at the feet of the little, old-fashioned girl.
Then, I looked through my tiny treasures again and found 2 little sleds, 
a little lantern and a couple of beautifully-wrapped presents.
I also found a herd of very small deer, after I heard them make a sound.
They did not run away from me when I put my hand out to them.



The little stars are shining in the winter sky with the help of
little drops of super-glue.
The magnets cling to the little tin even through the snow.
When it is time to put the little child and her “deer” friends away,
they will all lie down inside of the tin and go to sleep
until someone opens the lid again and stands them up.



All is Calm. 




All is bright.

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