Zazzle Cards from Heaven


I love Zazzle.

Zazzle is a website dedicated to the unnecessary but desirable in a very beautiful sort of way.

Wouldn’t you know that I would find it.

At this point in my life, I can do and buy things that were simply unthinkable when I was younger and our family money struggled hard to stretch from week to week. Maybe that is why I so appreciate being able to buy things like those from Zazzle to personalize my “later-in-life” projects.

That said, I have accumulated a number of business cards . . . most ending in the loosely correct word



Zazzle sends coupons via email at least every week and when the business cards are 50% off, I prowl around for some “stuff” I might have forgotten.

Pictured below are business cards I have bought through Zazzle. Most are by the artist Rupydetequila.

They can be ordered in regular size or “chubby”.



One of the wonderful features of Zazzle business cards is that you can personalize both sides. So, I feel that I actually get two-for-one because I can put different things on the front and the back. For example, on the back of the Silly Stuff cards with the funny duck is a different picture and the words ” LACE ME UP” which I use for lacing cards. { Find them on this blog }

These cards are a pure pleasure and high on my list of special things I love which are completely unnecessary but joyful to have.

Let me think. Maybe they are a little bit necessary.

I can’t give high enough praise t0 Zazzle and its incredible variety of  business cards. Service is great and the cards are produced and mailed  within a week.

how about this idea?

{ If you put several cards on an 81/2 x 11 piece of card stock with a teeny tiny piece of double-sided tape and either scan them or use the copy feature on a GOOD color printer, you can print out perfect fabric labels onto the appropriate fabric label sheets found at the fabric or craft store.  These Zazzle cards are so bright and fun, they make SUPER sew-in and iron-on labels. }


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