Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Marker

“Begin at the beginning

and go on ’till you come to the end:

then stop.”

-The King in Alice in Wonderland-

journal entry:

Under the table or on top of the table.  It doesn’t matter to me.  I love to see things close.  I love tiny fingers trying to stay within the lines and the determined purse of little lips when they are concentrating.  Ahhhhh.  What would I do without a telephoto lens?  I did not disturb the moment or distract the artist.  When she is a mommy . . . her little children will love this picture of her.  Vintage Lydia. Under the table, coloring on top of the chair . . . staying inside of the lines.

“A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.”

-Paul Klee-

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