Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Gizmo

“Play is often talked about

as if it were a relief from serious learning.

But, for children, play is serious learning.

Play is really the work of  childhood.”

-Mr. Rogers-

journal entry:

Grandpa loves balsa wood airplanes. Actually Grandpa loves ALL kinds of airplanes.  His grandsons love them more.  Not only was this airplane for Holden to keep . . . he got to use Grandpa’s “winder” all by himself.  In case you don’t know what a winder is I will tell you.  It is a little, plastic gismo which attaches to the propeller area of the airplane and tightens the rubber band.    When the rubber band is tight . . . you can give the plane a push into the sky and the rubber band unwinds as it sends the plane sailing through the air.  I think that Holden liked using the gizmo to wind the rubber band MUCH more than he liked seeing the plane fly.  He was always calling out that he needed the “winder”. . . “who has the winder”?  Sometimes he forgot to wind the rubber band because he was distracted by just staring at the winder and thinking about it.  Because its cover was clear, he could see all of the parts inside. He was probably trying to think of a way to get inside of it.  It fit just right into his hand, too. It was easy for him to use.

Grandpa has a way of thinking about boys . . . not just how they are today, but how he hopes they will be tomorrow.  He wants to help them to have good memories. So, he sets a good example of how a grandpa should be and how much fun families can have when they treat each other with kindness and share the “winder”.

“A determined child will do more

with a rusty monkey wrench

than a loafer will accomplish

with all the tools in a machine shop.”

-Robert Hughes-

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