This From That: Ironing Board Cover



Funky ironing board covers make it fun to iron

even if you are bored.

(That sounds a bit like a tongue twister to me.)

Anyone who sews knows that you can’t sew without a hot iron. Every seam needs to be pressed. Every wrinkle needs to be smoothed out. Every hem needs to be flat. My solution has been to have an over-the-door undersized ironing board near my sewing machine. When I need it, I pull it down. When I am finished I push it up until it clicks.

It came with a plain, gray cover. I bought one yard of fabric at the quilt store, laid it over the top of the board and cut around the bottom, leaving about four inches of fabric to be gathered.  I made a casing of bias tape I bought at the store and threaded elastic through the casing. I sewed it off on each side at the wide end.




Once the casing was sewn in place and the elastic threaded through and secured, I sewed three ribbons on each side and tied the cover as tight as I wanted it to be. While the casing would have done fine, the ribbon looked pretty hanging down and insured that the top would be smooth.  I left the old cover and padding underneath.

It is a tiny thing but a BIG tiny thing.




” If you want things to be done right . . . you have to do them yourself.”

-Mark Twain-

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