Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Horseshoes

” A good photograph

stops a moment from running away.”

– Eudora Welty –

journal entry:

I could hear the clang of the horseshoes from the kitchen.  I put my telephoto lens on my camera and sneaked outside.  From behind the trees I could see into the orchard, where the horseshoe posts were placed.  Grandpa and Talmage were playing a game.  They were very serious about it. I snapped away.  From this angle and that angle.  I found them talking, laughing, joking . . . measuring and measuring, giving “high-fives”, groaning and shouting.  More than once I heard one of them say “wait, wait . . . let’s measure again”.   These are the kinds of photographs I love to take.  They tell a story without a single word being written down.

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