A Simple Family Tree

” People will not look forward to posterity

who never look backward to their ancestors.”

– Edmund Burke-

journal entry:

Today I made a simple family tree.  The pretty paper caught my eye. I said to myself  “there is a family tree in there”.   I cut apart a jeweled swirl and embellished the branches.  I typed each family name and cut them in the shape of leaves. I gently distressed the edges with a stamp pad. I attached the leaves to the tree in family groups. I found the perfect place for the little boy with a kite.  I simple love any representation of wonderful, innocent children.  Children are always looking up . . . except when they are looking for bugs. I  framed it and put it on an easel.  The family tree was not at all time consuming and was quite creative.  There are many, many papers just now that would be perfect for anyone’s family tree.  This tree is about the living, but my next tree will include the roots.

The bustle in a house the morning after death

Is solemnest of industries enacted upon earth, –

The sweeping of the heart, and putting love away

We shall not want to use again until eternity.

-Emily Dickinson-

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