Grandma's Sewing Box

“Don’t worry Peter . . .

I can sew your shadow on for you!”

– Wendy Darling to Peter Pan-

journal entry:
Today I thought of my grandmother . . . and when I did, I thought of her sewing box.  Her sewing box reflected her personality.  It was filled with thread in many colors, thimbles, needles, pins and buttons. My grandmother always had her sewing box near her side.  She couldn’t just replace something when it began to wear . . . like a stocking or a sweater.  She was accustomed to making things last. She was someone who was happy with what she had. She  was always mending something.  She taught me how to mend a stocking by putting an orange in the toe to hold the shape. I wanted my sewing box to remind me of her. That is why I chose a little trunk with a faded look and fabric to line it with which reminded me of days gone by.  I wanted the bird to be right in the middle and I wanted the sewing box to have my name in it. Maybe when I’m gone, a little granddaughter will want it, just like I wanted my grandmother’s sewing box.
p.s.  I thought that if  I tied my itsy bitsy stork scissors through the hinge with a ribbon, they might not fly away.

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