Toy Organizer

“If people were meant to

just pop out of bed in the morning,

we’d all sleep in toasters.”

-Author Unknown-

journal entry:

When little children wake up in the morning, they are ready to go.  They don’t stretch or yawn or dawdle under the covers.  They don’t put pillows over their heads or hit the snooze button.  They are starving, thirsty and ready to play.  They have no consideration whatsoever for the time, the day or their parents.  Afton’s mommy thought that there must be a way to persuade little Afton to grant a few extra minutes to her parents and that way could be by putting special things within her reach.  So, I made this organizer for her. I used three fabric patterns, rick rack, piping at the top and ribbons for ties.  Afton’s mommy tied it to the inside of the crib.  The pockets hold books of all sizes, toys and a cracker or two . . . if mommy doesn’t mind the crumbs in the bed.  If Afton’s mommy is not ready to get up . . . she might not mind cleaning the crumbs out of Afton’s sheets.  Dozing for a few extra minutes to the sounds of Itsy Bitsy Spider is much more restful than trying to doze to “get me out” !


“The air up there in the clouds

is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious.

And, why shouldn’t it be ?

It is the same air

that the angels breathe.”

-Mark Twain-




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