Bling Bling Baby Bib !

“When my grandchildren come to visit

wearing new white t-shirts . . .

I immediately wonder

what in the world  their mothers were thinking ?”


journal entry:

It is impossible for me to send a child home clean.  I try and I try but it always ends the same way.  There are the problems of  dirt, mud, juice, grass, water, paint, markers, glue, sand, sunscreen, bug spray, fruit roll-ups, goldfish soup, spaghetti-os, ice cream, smoothies, chocolate milk, lunchables with oreos, and other dirty things that children see with their x-ray vision that grandma’s can’t see until it is too late.

So, at least the little princesses can cover their white blouses with a bling bling bib.   For only one dollar and sixty-nine cents, I became the proud owner of this finger towel-turned bling bling bib.  I cut a hole for the neck and slit the rest to the end of the towel.  I finished the edge with bias tape (stretchy fabric cut on the bias which comes in a package and can be any color) and added Velcro to hold the back together.  I tucked a little rick rack into the neck too.  When mommy first walks in, she sees only the dirty face, hands and bib and doesn’t notice the dirty shirt until I am waving good-bye.  Washes fine because . . . it is a towel, of course. !  Easy, easy, easy !


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