afterthought: walkie talkies

Family Gathering 2019

Afterthoughts are little things that we did
during our annual gathering
which did not involve everyone
but were worth mentioning.
Often I had only taken one photograph of a moment and so,
that is what I will use to remember things.

Grandpa and I bought six sets of walkies.
Each was a different color.
All had a good range.
Only one set of the six didn’t work.
I sent it back to Amazon for a refund.
There was only one rule:
Don’t leave the walkies outside.
When you are finished with them
bring them into the house and
put them on the counter so that someone else can use them.
We didn’t lose any. Really.
The batteries in each walkie talkie
lasted the whole time the kids were visiting.
After they left, we took out the batteries
and put the box away.


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