Afton’s Sunday Apron

“I felt the starched walls

of a pink cotton penitentiary . . .

I thought of running away.  Immediately !”

-Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird-

journal entry:

To Kill a Mockingbird continues to be my favorite book.  Scout would have died if she had been asked to wear Afton’s apron.  Afton’s Sunday Apron.  But while Afton doesn’t want bows in her hair like Scout . . . she does love pretty clothes.  In fact, Afton loves her mommy’s Sunday Apron so much that she always wants to hold it  . . . and play with the beads . . . and touch the silky fabric.  So, to rescue mommy’s apron, I made a teeny version for Afton.

It is made with very dressy

fabrics and tied with

pink ribbon.

It has a flower

which mommy can remove

to wash the apron.

Little white heart beads hang down from the flower.   The finishing touch?

A personal fabric label.

Scout may have had to learn to be a girl, but Afton already knows !

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