All The Pretty Ponies

Rescued Ponies

This year the attention was on the two “rescued ponies” who live through the gate.  Elizabeth keeps them there along with other horses. When we first met them, they were very neglected but today they are chubby and shiny and anxious to be touched.

The ponies’ names are Thunder and Pip. Today, all of the children will get a chance to ride Thunder but Pip can’t be ridden. She is expecting a little baby pony any day now. Nevertheless, she loves to be brushed and groomed and fed carrots from Grandpa’s garden.

Ponies are Friends

This pony is the perfect size for little people. She is responsive to commands and very patient. The grandchildren already know her because every time they come to visit, they take a little bucket of carrots next door to feed to all of the horses, including the little ones.

Elizabeth taught the children how to give Thunder a little squeeze with their ankles which sent him into a brisk trot.

Their smiles continued to widen.

Climbing onto Thunder’s back is easy because of his size.

A Walk Around the Yard First

Before anyone could ride, Elizabeth walked the horses around the yard. She took Thunder along the gravel path surrounding the garden, through the path that leads among the trees, past the orchard and onto the green grass which always pleased the good-natured pony.

When each child finished a ride, others were waiting with baby carrots.

Pip can be shy.

She sniffs several times at the carrots before she gently takes one in her lips. Everyone could see the tiny baby moving around in her tummy. They touched her wiggly stomach. She loved being brushed and petted. Everyone loved to touch her and she was patient with all of the young hands.

Oh, it was a lovely evening for walking through the shade

on the back of a little horse.


“If God gave me the choice of the whole planet or my little farm,

I would certainly take my farm.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-



(and, I would take my shady yard and heavenly garden)


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