Handmade Journals

“It was the best of times . . .  it was the worst of times.”

-Charles Dickens-

journal entry:

It’s true.  Things can be wonderful and awful at the same time. I love this photograph and wanted to try it as a cover for a journal.   I think it is unforgivable that I don’t write in it the way I should.  I am beyond grateful for my blessings of home and family, freedom and belief in the hereafter.  I know that I have loved reading things my own grandmother wrote and left behind.  I find other people’s lives so interesting.  I guess it is human nature to think that our own lives are somehow uninteresting.  We think that no one would want to read what we have written because we lived a life that was so ordinary.  Well, I have a reverence for the ordinary and so I need to apply the same pressure to myself that I apply to others whose stories I want to gather, preserve and read.

“A memory is what is left when something happens

and does not completely unhappen.”

– Edward de Bono-

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