Birthday Skirt for Clara


Time flies.

Make homemade clothes while you can.

I have taken a lot of heat from my daughters for the “itchy” jackets I made for them when they were small. I was simply doing the best I could on a limited budget and so, instead of lining the quilted fabric, I didn’t. And the seams were, well . . . itchy. It just keeps coming up. I thought they were really cute jackets.

I have heard from the boys about their 1970’s jumpsuits made out of polyester and I have been spared comments from Grandpa about the ties I tried to make. I know he remembers. He may have even worn one.

Those were the days and money didn’t grow on trees.

Therefore, I am careful when I make things for my grandchildren because I want them to like what they wear and not suffer. I know it is a small window which begins to close about the age of 10 and doesn’t open wide ever again.

Clara’s mother actually TOLD me that her daughter would like me, her Grandma to make a skirt for her birthday. It could be a play skirt or a church skirt.

YES. I’m on it.

The fabric came from the local quilt shop and the t-shirt from Wal-Mart. I LOVE these Hanes t-shirts because they are LONG and have cute little gathers in the front. As you see, I added eyelet lace to the bottom of the shirt and made a flower pin for it too. I even sewed a little Bee Button in the middle. (The pin comes off so that the t-shirt can be washed)

I have a small collection of labels which I bought by-the-foot at the scrapbook store. I bought six phrases for 60 cents. I ironed the little label on with double-sided bond and sewed the little rose on the end by hand.

“Here’s hoping nothing itches !”


p.s.  She loved everything. Whew.


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