Canon 10-22 Lens: SOoooo FUN !


journal entry:

I plan to cement my family in time.  And tell their stories. That means that I need to keep polishing my photography skills and keep my eyes open for photo opportunites which tell stories. Family stories.  Yesterday Afton and I had a tea party on the front porch. I spread out the ladybug blanket and brought out the box with the little cups and saucers. Grandpa was kind enough to fill a large bowl with plain ole’ water which Afton could scoop and pour to her heart’s content. Sometimes it was hot chocolate and sometimes it was soup. Now and then it was just water, which she drank with her little tea cup to her lips with her pinkie finger crimped.



These photographs were taken with my relatively new Canon 10-22 Ultra Wide Angle Lens. I quickly realized that if I played peek-a-boo behind the large white pillar I would get some wonderful smiles. I was VERY close to the pillar and to little Afton.  Each time she came into view I snapped away.  I have miles to go before I learn to use this lens well.  My brain has to adjust to considering the foreground to be my most important consideration versus the habit of zooming in on things as I do with my regular lens or a telephoto lens.



I am planning a “practice day” soon. On that day I plan to do nothing but take photographs with my new lens.  Of people and places and things. I have read testimonials from owners of this wonderful lens who call it their favorite. It just might become mine !







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