Close-Ups of Children from Far Away

“The camera is an instrument

that teaches people to see without a camera.”

-Dorthea Lange-

journal entry:

There is rarely anything natural about an expression on the face which knows it is being followed.  That is why I love my camera and my telephoto lens.  I can sit back and walk around and do things with the children without bothering them.  It certainly isn’t necessary to” be close to get close” . . . if you know what I mean.  In each case, Holden, who loves to gel his hair up was quite far away from me and was paying little attention to me, other than to glance up from his play now and then to see where I was.  I was able to watch his little mind milling over something or the other.   My family knows that I have a camera.  They know it is usually with me somewhere, but I have done a pretty good job of photographing them and their adventures without bothering them.  For me, that is the key to natural faces.  And, as Ms. Lange said it well . . . I am learning to see things through different eyes . . . with or without a camera.  (These photographs taken with a Canon 50D)

“The photographic image is a message without a code.”

-Roland Barthes-

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