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Here is a second post about things kids can do while they are at home. Perhaps good weather will come soon and our attention can turn to playing in the yard.  Some kids just might like having a tent in the yard when it is raining or snowing.

Everything in tents like these just go in the washer and dryer.


Do you remember the summer we made these tents? It took a little thrifting to find the skirts, which I sewed together and tied at the top. Grandpa found the tree limbs and you played inside.

As the weather improves, mothers just might have enough fabric in tablecloths and old shower curtains to make long strips to sew together to make tents like these.

I kept my tents so if Grandpa and I want to play outside, we can.


Yes. Children usually like to draw. Children like to paint and children like to use chalk. Yes. Chalk is messy but days are long.

Try buying black poster board or other dark colors and skinny chalk. If you do this in the house when it is raining outside, it will make a mess. SO WHAT.  It might just save a mother’s sanity which is severely threatened right now.

You can also tape the poster board to a wall with masking tape, close to the floor so that a child can sit on the floor to draw. Have available an open container of wet wipes to keep ahead of the chalk and leave the pictures on the wall until you have taken pictures of them.

It should be fun to see what children in our unusual circumstances are thinking about as they draw.

(If you want to preserve chalk on paper, use aerosol hair spray)


Wise mothers will go to Wal-Mart right now and buy Sta-Flo Liquid Starch and White Elmer’s Glue. It is an investment in sanity. If mothers don’t have food coloring, they should buy that, too. I don’t imagine that there has been a run on things like these.

The Internet is crowded with Slime recipes. It works well on a regular counter top and just rolls up and spreads out and doesn’t hurt a thing. After an hour of so of play, put it in a plastic container or zip-loc bag  and get it out again and again.  Sometimes I add glitter but I said “sometimes”.

I am told by the parents in my family that slime and carpet do not mix and that I make slime for their children at my own risk. I have had to clean slime out of their hair but not out of my carpet.


There are also many recipes for MOON SAND. I found that children who get along like to work together in a large container. Children who don’t get along do better with individual portions. I like those white dish-washing pans at the Dollar Store for individual portions and the little beach toys that make castles and the tiny rakes and shovels. I also use jello molds from my collection which you may not have because they are old fashioned and large cookie cutters.

Ordinarily MOON SAND is best made and played with outside. But, these are not ordinary times. Spread out a shower curtain or a table cloth on the kitchen floor and fold the corners together when the play is no longer fun and the sand is creeping to the edges or has become weaponized.

(I have a few more ideas to share. Keep checking)

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