Cut Flower Garden

Every year we plant different annual flowers. Most of our flowers come back year after year, but in order to extend the “cut flower season” until September or later, it is necessary to plant some tall and colorful annuals. This bouquet is the third I have been able to cut this season.

Before long, the delicate Baby’s Breath will begin to bloom as will the tall and colorful State Fair Zinnias. The Daisys are ready to bloom as are many others.

The Columbine has been out for some time now but it does not cut well. It is too much a wildflower but is beautiful under our pine trees. The yellow poppies are also bright and friendly right now, but they don’t like to be cut, either.

It is important to know that as your trees grow, flowers do less and less well, unless they were made for the shade. Most cut flowers were made for the Sun.

This is just a little bit of advice from Grandma and Grandpa.

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